5.13TH - 5.25TH 2005 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM


Talented, Poetic and Romantic:

An Exhibition of Oil Paintings by JXF


The significant theme of JXFs works in oil is the modern woman. In the elegance of the subjects modeled in her brushwork she retains the feeling of the oil-paint medium while at the same time she models the images of her subjects with a fluent and intelligent line. Inscribing their images into her paintings, she depicts them in a way that de-emphasizes the physical senses. Yet by means of a fully lively body language reflect the internal world of her subjects. This not only brings about the formation of her own individual style in oil painting, but also leaves space for viewers to exercise their imaginations.

The social life of an era is also the wellspring of creation for that eras artists. Young women living in a modern metropolis and facing the various choices presented by practical live find it difficult to avoid this and that perplexity and pressure. The subjects she depicts come not only from those she interacts with, but she also may be depicting herself. Her creations are worked and refined objects of living beauty. Moreover she blends in her own feelings and artistic understanding into her works, giving to her oils an utterly brilliant and special modernity and emotional appeal to the aesthetic of modern people.




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